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"Most people LOVE our concept. It is the OPPOSITE of the BIG BOYS! Call or text us YEAR ROUND for a guaranteed up front price." No sitting for hours, drop off your taxes and return after we finish. No worry about price!

Got a MESS with the IRS? Tim will help you EASY and CHEAP!

TAX SEASON HOURS: Open 7 days a week. Monday through friday 9 AM to 9PM, Saturday 9 AM to 7 PM, Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM.
OFF TAX SEASON HOURS: Open 6 days a week. Monday through friday 9 AM to 7PM, Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM, Sunday CLOSED.

PRICING: A return with one W2, no children, no investments, and you lived and worked in same city, for federal, state, city, and school is $99.00. Most other personal returns are under $200.00. Small business return is about $300 to $400. Call or text for exact up front guaranteed price. Come see us for a free consultation and a written price guarantee. See more pricing below.

ADDRESS: Our office is at 963 East Johnstown Road, Gahanna OH 43230. It is near Hamilton Road and Route 62 in the Rocky Point Plaza Shopping Center, NEXT DOOR TO STATE FARM. I may be contacted on my cell phone at 1(614)477-5215.

My tax preparation service company is called EasyTaxPro.com which is owned by my corporation People for Extending Earth's Life inc. DBA P.E.E.L. Inc. which I founded in 1991.

MOST COMMON fees for tax year 2015Fee
Consultation and written price guaranteeFREE
Form 1040ez (If we also do your state return)FREE
Form 1040 or 1040a$99.00
State Tax Return (If we also do your 1040)$69.00
City Tax Return (If we also do your 1040)$24.99
If you want to itemize with Schedule A (If we also do your 1040)$69.00
Form EIC (Earned Income Credit)$29.00
Form 2441 - Child and Dependent Care$29.00
Schedule C (If you own a business)$199.00
Schedule D (If you have investment gains and losses)$149.00
Schedule E (If you own rental property)$175.00
Schedule F (If you own a farm)$199.00

FEATURE 1: Any tax preparer that works with my company will be required to have passed the testing and received a record of completion for the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) provided by the IRS. The AFSP is a voluntary program designed to encourage tax return preparers to participate in continuing education (CE) courses. Tax preparers that have completed and passed the testing for the AFSP are listed on the irs.gov website so you can verify them.

The IRS issues an AFSP Record of Completion to return preparers who obtain a certain number of continuing education hours in preparation for a specific tax year.

It may surprise you that no one is required to obtain training or testing of any kind to prepare taxes. The IRS on irs.gov has said that there are over 200,000 tax preparers that have opted not to participate in AFSP.

It may also surprise you that many tax preparation companies, (even very large ones), do not require their employees that are preparing your taxes to have an AFSP Record of Completion.

Ask your tax preparer if they have AFSP - Record of Completion.

FEATURE 2: I will post clearly on our website and in our office all of our fees up front.

FEATURE 3: We will give you a written guarantee of what your cost will be to prepare your taxes before we start.

FEATURE 4: If we make a mistake on your returns we will prepare and file amended returns at no cost to you.

FEATURE 5: All tax forms and filings will be provided to you on paper and/or a USB memory stick, by EasyTaxPro.com at no additional charge. You will be allowed to make copies of the USB backup drive for your own safety. In addition EasyTaxPro.com will keep secure copies for you in case you lose your papers and files in the future. Requested electronic copies will be provided free via email or on a USB drive you bring to our office.

It may surprise you that many tax preparation companies charge extra fees for giving you electronic or printed files and for backup services.

FEATURE 6: We will leave the tax training for our tax preparers to the IRS and those companies and institutions authorized by the IRS to do the training. Our employees will not be required to pay a fee to EasyTaxPro.com for training and then keep it a secret of how much the prospective employee will be paid if they are hired to be a tax preparer until after the training is completed. They will be told up front how they will be paid.

FEATURE 7: Our tax preparers will be compensated well for their work. I am sure you want a person preparing your taxes that is very happy with their work in addition to being an expert. A good way for this to happen is to compensate our employees for what they are worth and give them respect for their good work and expertise. This makes employees happier and they will be much more motivated to do a good job for our clients.

It may also surprise you that many tax preparation companies, (even very large ones), do not compensate their employees, the ones preparing your taxes, much more than minimum wage.

Other Fees for tax year 2015Fee
Form 1041 (fiduciary)$525.00
Form 1065 (partnership)$525.00
Form 1120 (corporation)$850.00
Form 1120s (S corporation)$800.00
Form 2106 - Employee Business Expense$30.00
Form 2555 - Foreign Income$50.00
Form 3903 - Moving Expense$30.00
Form 4562 - Depreciation & Amortization$50.00
Form 4684 - Casualty Loss$30.00
Form 4797 - Sales of Business Property$50.00
Form 4952 - Investment Interest Expense$30.00
Form 5405 - First-Time Home Buyers Credit$50.00
Form 6198 - At-Risk Limitation$30.00
Form 6251 - Alternative Minimum Tax$30.00
Form 6252 - Installment Sale (1st Year)$100.00
Form 6252 subsequent years$30.00
Form 706, 709, 1041 - Estate, Gift, Fiduciary (Minimum)$2,000.00
Form 8283 - Non-Cash Contributions$30.00
Form 8824 - Like-Kind Exchanges$100.00
Form 8958 - Allocation of Tax / Community Property States$60.00
Form 940 (Federal unemployment)$75.00
Form 990 (tax exempt)$750.00
Form 8829 (Expenses for Busienss Use of Your Home)$75.00